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Weddings365 No.141 - Anthony & Amanda, 1st June 2018. Getting a shot of the rings being exchanged during the ceremony can be really difficult, so I always get another shot of the rings later on outside where the light is normally better and I can pose the hands properly. #wedding #weddingday #weddingphoto #weddingrings #brideandgroom #justmarried #mrandmrs #blackandwhiteweddingphotography
Weddings365 No.140 - Lee & Lucy, 6th July 2019. Mila helping with running repairs to her mum's dress during the day. #wedding #weddingphoto #weddingphotography #bride #weddingday #weddingdress #bridesdaughter #brideanddaughter #weddingkids #kidsatweddings #kidsatweddingsphotography
Weddings365 No.139 - Alex & Michelle, 8th September 2017. This was a light-hearted wedding with lots of chuckles because of Father Frank's entertaining handling of the service, and I took many photos of Alex & Michelle laughing. But I love this photo because it shows the serious side of taking your vows and meaning it. #wedding #groom #bride #mrandmrs #weddingday #takingvows #makingthecross #weddingvows #blackandwhiteweddingphotography #catholicwedding
Weddings365 No.138 - Tom & Kate, 27th July 2018. I had to be careful where I stood in St Gregory's and most shots had to be taken from an acute side angle, but my zoom lens saved the day. #wedding #churchwedding #stgregorys #groom #bride #weddingday #weddingdress #takingvows #mrandmrs
Weddings365 No.137 - Gary & Gemma, 11th March 2017. Another 'back of the dress' photo. This is one that I always try to get during the day, if the bride agrees. I just think it's important to get a shot of the bride from the rear as just as much effort has gone into the back of her dress and her hair from the back as her front! #wedding #weddingday #weddingdressrear #backofweddingdress #weddingdress #bride
Weddings365 No.136 - Lesley & Gerard, 16th July 2016. Not a normal wedding photograph by any means, but I like it just because it is totally candid and captures the two children and the looks on their faces as they are looking for someone in the crowd. #wedding #weddingday #weddingcrowd #weddingguests #groom #childrenatweddings #kidsatweddings

Reviews & Testimonials

Tom & Kate (27/07/18) 

We were absolutely delighted with our photographs from Alex. He captured the day really well and caught moments that we missed. He is lovely to work with and integrated well with our guests. He had some excellent ideas for shots and made us feel at ease throughout the day. Alex got a great variety of shots both from close and far range whilst still being unobtrusive. We would highly recommend Alex for your special day.

Aysha & John (27/05/18) 

Alex was amazing from start to finished and captured our day perfectly. He made us feel completely at ease. We trusted him with documenting our occasion from the off and we were right to! He really got the feel of what we were looking for and the vibe we wanted to portray and we couldn’t recommend him enough. Competitively priced and an absolute diamond xxx

Jon & Vicki (16/06/17)

What a guy, we never knew Alex was there!  We did all the normal photos with families bridesmaids etc. But we find posing difficult and boring, to be frank. By far the best photos we possess are those that were taken without us knowing, those special moments that are so easily forgotten about caught on camera. If you want an unobtrusive photographer to capture your special day Alex is the man you need.
We are able to relive those special moments through your pictures. For that we are forever grateful.

Michelle & Alex 08/09/17

Absolutely amazing day from start to finish and Alex was able to capture these amazing moments for us to make them last a lifetime. We can’t recommend Alex enough, nothing was ever too much for him. I love our photos and still get them out over 2 years on and remember our amazing day
Thank you Alex!

Tracy & David  (28/09/19)

Alex was our wedding photographer on 28 Sept 2019 at the Suites Hotel, Knowsley, Liverpool. He did an amazing job and we are so made up with his pictures. He is also a lovely person and we would definitely recommend Alex to anyone xx

Lesley & Gerard (16/07/16)

Alex is a fantastic photographer, he caught some amazing photos on our special day. From start to finish Alex was brilliant all day and night, he worked so hard and remained so professional . Definitely recommended !!! Thank you – love our Pics xx




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