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Weddings365 No.122 - Gary & Gemma, 11th March 2017. Keeping the kids entertained on the morning of a wedding can be tough, but you can't go wrong with a games console. #wedding #weddingday #liverpoolwedding #kidsatwedding #pageboys #kidsonconsoles
Weddings365 No.121 - Alex & Michelle, 8th September 2017. Don't know what Alex was saying here but Michelle was laughing her head off! #wedding #weddingday #liverpoolwedding #weddingphotography #brideandgroom #churchwedding #funweddingmoment #justmarried #mrandmrs
Weddings365 No.120 - A very happy crowd scene from Anthony & Amanda's @mrs_badger_design wedding on 1st June 2018. As a 5ft 7" tall wedding photographer, I'm always grateful when the wedding venue has a good flight of steps to get the crowd shot! #wedding #weddingday #weddingguests #weddingphotography #stgeorgeshall #stgeorgeshallwedding #stgeorgeshallweddingphotography #liverpoolwedding
Weddings 365 No.119 - Tom & Kate, 27th July 2018. The very earnest church organist at St. Gregory's, Lydiate. I looked at him and raised my eyebrows as if to say 'okay if I take your photo?' and he nodded back. He was absolutely lost in the music, to be honest. #wedding #weddingday #weddingorganist #churchorganist #stgregorys #stgregoryslydiate
Weddings365 No.118 - Lee & Lucy, 6th July 2019. This is the full photo of an edited and cropped photo that I posted here on 7th February. They both stand up as good photos in their own right I think, and it shows how you can sometimes get more than one photo out of a photo. #wedding #weddingday #weddingphotography #weddingguests #weddingfamily #weddingemotions
Weddings365 No.117 - David & Tracy's first dance, 28th September 2019. The colour version of this was good too, but the black and white gives it more atmosphere, I think. #wedding #weddingday #weddingfirstdance #brideandgroom #brideandgroomdance #weddingdancefloor #weddingphotography


Hello. I’m Alex, I’m 52 and I’m from Liverpool, England.

Photography has been a love of mine since my schooldays. The idea of capturing a moment that will never happen again always excites me.

This gives me great inspiration for my wedding photography, which I have now been doing for 4 years. I’ve been lucky enough to have great clients at brilliant venues such as The West Tower in Aughton, Liverpool Cricket Club and Crewe Hall in Cheshire.

If you are interested in hiring me for your occasion, then please see my ‘contact & pricing’ page on this website for my 2020/21 packages. If the packages don’t quite fit your needs, then just get in touch and we’ll see what we can sort out.

I’m also the club photographer for both Warrington RUFC and Liverpool Collegiate RUFC, and I’m very grateful to them for letting me document their players and teams through sun and rain, and ups and downs. Rugby photography isn’t just about action, there’s great moments to capture about the camaraderie and friendship between the players.

If I had to choose a photographic hero, it would have to be Don McCullin. He has my complete admiration for putting himself repeatedly into the face of danger, in pursuit of his art. He is the photographer that I always look up to. The ‘Black Trinity’ of David Bailey, Brian Duffy and Terence Donovan take some beating too. I recently saw the Terence Donovan retrospective at The Photographers’ Gallery in London and it knocked me out. Just incredibly inspiring.

Please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!



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